Susan & Spencer White, AgCulture Ltd

It was after attending the Dairy Master Program, run by MilkMap Ltd, that we employed their consultant, Cameron Burton. We were already accustomed to using an advisor for our farming business, so feel that we are experienced enough to know that Cameron adds value to our farming business.

Attempting to run a dairy farm and best utilize the sources available, while coordinating the many facets involved in profitable feeding is quite a task and Cameron brings clarity to the situation.
Our consults with him allow us to plan for and achieve the results we want.
The 10 Day Milk Production Reports we find beneficial as if any of the KPI’s are outside of their parameters, Cameron is very proactive in texting/emailing us to know what is going on and then we can discuss adjustments to compensate for any climatic changes that were not budgeted for in his last visit.

Cameron will work with the resources that you have available; this is best demonstrated by the fact that he is employed over three different family farms with different systems and environments.

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