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MilkMaP Consulting Limited is committed to ensuring the ongoing education of those involved at all levels of the New Zealand dairy industry. This goal is being achieved through our unique and innovative Dairymasters™ Programme, which focuses on providing quality education and training through customised hands-on training courses.

Dairymasters™ Training Courses

These innovative courses incorporate tuition sessions along with practical demonstrations. They are designed to upskill farmers on cow nutrition, improve their understanding on the need for effective feed conversion and highlight the result these factors have on farm profitability.

Dairy farming is an industry of opportunity and challenge, with a key requirement being the ability to feed dairy cows to a milk price. A Dairymasters™ Training Course combines the areas of profit-planning, cow nutrition, ration balancing, animal health, pasture management and milk production management with training in effective dairy feeding strategies.

This course will see you progress from understanding basic animal nutrition through to balancing your own rations. You’ll also learn the other processes necessary to develop a customised, profit-based feeding strategy built to ruling milk prices with the aim of improving overall farm performance and achieving sustainable, long-term business goals.

Suitable for all types of farm situations, whether grass only or supplementary feeding, farmers throughout New Zealand are finding these training courses to be an essential tool in assisting with the planning of their dairy farming futures with greater confidence and peace of mind.

Course Costs for 2 full days of training, including comprehensive course material, refreshments and lunch is $1,595 plus GST per person.

Upcoming Courses and Dates:

Hamilton 17 & 18 June 2024
Ashburton 1 & 2 July 2024
Invercargill 3 & 4 July 2024