“We took MilkMap Consulting on this season to give confidence to the manager and absentee owner that good decisions were being made on farm, and that the implications of different options were understood. Cameron operated in a professional manner, where he took the time to understand our individual needs to offer solutions that continued the development of the farming system that was already in place. Cameron always ensured that we were confident in what needed to be done to ensure that the farm stayed in good shape to continue producing efficiently through each stage of the season.”

—RA & JA Earl Ltd – Nic Andrew – Wakanui, Canterbury.​

“We have used MilkMap for our feed consultancy for the past 4 seasons with great success. Andrew has done a tremendous job of boosting our production while balancing profitability and ensuring good herd health. Our consults are always a pleasure to have and he always shows commitment and enthusiasm to the work. Time is taken to make sure he understands our goals and that he educates us on different ways to achieve these goals so we can find the best course of action. We have had an increase in production every year we have used these consultancy services”

—Belbrook Farming Ltd – John & Robbie Wakelin – Rangiora, Canterbury.​

“After completing the DairyMasters course and with the continual support from Andrew and the team at MilkMap Consulting we have been able to increase per cow production and farm performance through better feed conversion efficiency along with improvements in animal health and fertility”

—Tavistock Dairy Ltd – Terrence & Sonya Sullivan – Otaio, South Canterbury.​

“We have been using MilkMap Consulting for 5 years and have found their support and knowledge valuable through the trying seasons we have had recently. We started with improving our transitional feeding pre-calving and saw an immediate improvement in our cows before and after calving. It has been great for us developing our business to have support from our consultant in looking for new ideas and ways to maximise our profitability”

—Cresslands Farms Ltd – Andrew Stewart – Rangiora, Canterbury.​

“We are taking more time to make more informed decisions. Analysing herd test data, body condition score assessments, feed quality analysis and doing regular farm walks gives us vital information to help make good decisions. Having someone else that is monitoring our milk production on a daily basis also gives us confidence that things are going well.”

—Winfield Farm Ltd – John & Linda Riordan, Hokonui, Southland.​

“Regular farm visits gives us confidence in our decision making. Good planning and continuous monitoring are helping us to achieve our targets while regular analysis of our cost structure gives us confidence that we are on the right track”

—4 The Girls Dairies Ltd – Niels & Jodie Modde, Balfour, Southland.​

“We have really benefitted from the continuous monitoring and analysis. Our cost of production has remained very low through the low milk price which has been vital to the sustainability of our business.”

—Lange Partnership, Ged & Fleur Lange,Kowhitirangi, West Coast.​

“Regular on farm visits helps us to stay motivated and another set of eyes gives us confidence in our decision making. Our bank has been very impressed with the systems that we have put in place to monitor and analyse the performance of the business.”

—Von Ah Holdings Ltd – Werner & Rosslyn Von Ah, Kowhitirangi, West Coast.​

“Production has increased from 480 to 605 kg MS per cow and working expenses have decreased. Herd costs have decreased and at the same time animal health is much better. Even at a low pay-out we have still remained profitable.”

—Trevor and Irene Taunt – Taranaki.​

“The production has increased from 500 to 600 milk solids per cow, fertility and animal health is much better. It is helpful to do the sums on the economy of production to determine the returns. Outside eyes give a better benchmark than inside eyes, on production and body condition. It is helpful to get new/ fresh ideas to challenge things done in the past. Making the system more efficient and perform better. It is good to have somebody to phone up and get quick access to advice and answers. So many things a farmer has to do (compliance), can’t expect a farmer to be an expert in all these fields.”

—Colin Rose / James Pelham – Waikato.​

Production is key to profit and without the knowledge from Dairymasters potentials cannot be achieved

—Kenton Sinclair-Donnelly – Ashburton

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