Milk Management & Profitability

We provide accurate budgeting, planning, live monitoring and management

Declining milk production and poor animal health

Staffing challenges

Reduced profitability

Creating a workable budget

Poor returns on capital investment

Poor reproductive performance

Your Problem

Optimising performance and maximising profit potential

Herd monitoring and body condition scoring

Expert nutrition management

Sound strategic and financial planning

Knowledge of the industry and it’s key profit drivers​

Our Solution

“We are taking more time to make more informed decisions. Analysing herd test data, body condition score assessments, feed quality analysis and doing regular farm walks gives us vital information to help make good decisions. Having someone else that is monitoring our milk production on a daily basis also gives us confidence that things are going well.”

—John & Linda Riordan, Winfield Farm Ltd, Hokonui, Southland.​

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Milk MaP | Milk Management and Profitability