Budget/Cashflow Analysis

Preparation of Annual Budget Report/Monthly Cashflow Analysis.

Through utilisation of our MilkMaP™ Dairy Solution Software, our first task is to get an understanding of your farm system and previous pasture grown and utilised on a farm scale and also per cow.

From this information, a template will be developed to determine feed requirements and related costs, on both a monthly and annual basis, in order to create the most optimum system for that particular herd and farm.

Once a cost-effective full farm system strategy has been finalised, an Annual Budget Report will be prepared which will also include forecasted daily milk production.

Using the above figures and an estimate of your monthly “core costs” (working expenses fewer feed costs), an accurate Cashflow Report for the year can also then be completed. This Cashflow Report will be reviewed on a monthly basis and updated as necessary.​

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